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Inside Issue #28:

📝The Focus: Building your personal brand

🛠️ The Toolbox: Tools to help you boost your portfolio’s SEO

💻Jobs of the week: Available opportunities

🤝Community Connect: Q&A with Protein Community

🐝 Beehiiv Buzz: Recommended newsletters

📝The Focus

Hello from the HR Technology Conference 🥳

CollabWORK is in Las Vegas this week showing off how our innovative, community-led approach to hiring is revolutionizing HR Tech.

This week of relationship building has us thinking a lot about brand building. Getting people to care about your organization is a lot like standing out to recruiters and hiring managers. People love it when someone manages to cut through the noise, and brand building is what will help you stand out!

An important step in this process is boosting your visibility with SEO. For the uninitiated, that stands for search engine optimization.

It’s essential to be as discoverable as possible online. By incorporating relevant keywords throughout your online profile, you can improve your visibility and increase your chances of being found by recruiters and hiring managers. For example: Include keywords related to your industry, skills, and experience in featured sections of your profile.

🛠️ The Toolbox

Tools to help you boost your profile or portfolio’s SEO.

Google Keyword Planner: Research relevant keywords and phrases for your niche or industry.

Yoast SEO: If you have a personal website or blog, Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that provides SEO recommendations and helps you optimize your content.

💻 Jobs of the week

At CollabWORK we harness the power of community to enable referrals, verification and vetting. Make hiring – and getting hired – a breeze.

Roles currently available:

* Premium jobs are noted with an asterisk

Email Marketing Strategist - Tequila Sunrise

*Director of Operations - Fresh Water Systems, Inc

Are you using the hidden job market to hire? CollabWORK would love to share your job with our community partners and talent network. Share your job for free by filling out this form.

🤝 Community Connect Q&A with Protein Community

CollabWORK believes your network is your net worth, which is why we made Community Connect, our ever-growing database of communities that provide opportunities for networking, upskilling, learning about new jobs and more.

Below, meet one such community - Protein Community.

First off, please introduce yourself to the CollabWORK Community:

Deniz, Head of Protein Community - I’m a self-employed community operator and consultant for web2 and web3 online communities.

Tldr: What’s your community all about?

Protein is a place where people and ideas grow. It consists of an ecosystem of ventures at the fringes of cultural research (agency), co-working (Studios), and community building (Protein Community). By establishing a tokenized community ($PRTN) that is cultivated on Discord, we explored a new source of value creation that is based on Protein supporters' participation and that could eventually plug itself into Protein as a whole. As a global group of cultural creators, we commune online and in real life to collaboratively build a better future by re-imagining new ways to come together to learn, earn, and grow. The combination of brilliant minds and alignment with Good Growth values converges for our incubation of projects and collaborative research discoveries.

What can professionals hope to gain by joining your community?

Meeting like-minded folks and working on cool shit.

What’s your favorite channel, forum, ritual or other event offered by your community?

Supplement channels.

Learn more about how to join Protein Community on Community Connect!

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🐝 Beehiiv Buzz: Must-Read Newsletters

Personal Brand NewsletterLearn how to build and grow your personal brand online, with practical outcomes from each newsletter, covering 5 core modules.

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