Poll: How do you want to be alerted to new job opportunities?

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CollabWORK is ecstatic to announce new partnerships that are leading to additional jobs on the platform! We encourage you to checkout the opportunities below and weigh in on our poll.

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CollabWORK is the first community-empowered hiring platform productizing referrals at scale. Our proprietary distribution system promotes targeted roles in professional networks for fast sourcing, modern referrals and candidates you can count on. CollabWORK currently reaches over 500,000+ curated talent and partners with 40+ vetted communities.

November Issue:

🗳️Poll: How do you prefer to be alerted to new job opportunities?

📝The Focus: The NOW of Work is community hiring

🛠️ The Toolbox: Tools to help organize your job search

💻Jobs of the week: Available opportunities

🤝Community Connect: Welcome to these new community partners

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🗳️ Poll

As more jobs are being posted on CollabWORK, how can we best alert you to opportunities that align with your background and career goals?

Keeping in mind that job-seekers are more likely to be hired if they apply within the first 5 days a job was posted, how (and how often) would you like to be notified about new jobs?

How would you like to be notified about new jobs?

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📝The Focus

Coming off our Pitchfest win at the HR Technology Conference, where CollabWORK was named the most innovative startup using AI, we’ve been delighted to have more opportunities to spread the word about community hiring.

You can checkout our new in-the-media section and Spotify playlist of recent podcast interviews.

Most recently, CEO and founder Summer Delaney engaged in an insightful discussion on the current state of recruiting, where the industry may evolve (we’re looking at you, AI enthusiasts and skeptics), and evolving industry trends with NOW of Work hosts Jason Averbook and Jess Von Bank of Mercer | Leapgen. Listen to this enriching conversation on reshaping the way we hire and recruit on Apple or Spotify.

🛠️ The Toolbox

Tools to help you organize and plan your job search:

Trello: A project management tool that can be adapted for job searching, allowing you to create boards for different stages of the job search process.

Asana: Another project management tool that can help you organize tasks related to your job search.

💻 Jobs of the week

At CollabWORK we harness the power of community to enable referrals, verification and vetting. Make hiring – and getting hired – a breeze.

Roles currently available:

Digital Media Manager - Procter & Gamble

Are you using the hidden job market to hire? CollabWORK would love to share your job with our community partners and talent network. Share your non-full time jobs for free by filling out this form.

🤝 Community Connect

CollabWORK believes your network is your net worth, which is why we made Community Connect, our ever-growing database of communities that provide opportunities for networking, upskilling, learning about new jobs and more.

We’d love to welcome a couple of our newest community partners:

Freelancing Females Community - A global community of over 300,000 women in defining the 9-5. They are a community of women and allies cultivating each other’s ability to achieve independence through our work, for a more equitable and prosperous world. They offer community support, a rate transparency database, a jobs board, networking opportunities online and IRL, teach freelancers how to make the most of their talents and have created a safe space for open communication.

LocalHost - A free Slack community of IT, Security, and DevOps professionals. As trailblazers they believe the future is where every company is a digital company, approaching challenges and business opportunities through the lens of automation. Through this community, they help each other navigate and solve problems, share resources, create social experiences, and empower the next generation of leaders.

 📢 Learn more about these communities on Community Connect, and don’t forget to shout-out your favorite community

Have a favorite community for networking, upskilling, learning about new jobs and more? Share it with the group! Submissions will be considered for Community Connect, a CollabWORK tool meant to help our members discover new community groups.

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